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Solve & Manage all IT problems from One Dashboard

Patch Management

Automatically perform Windows patching to ensure that servers, workstations and laptops are secured and updated.

Remote Control

Using the remote control feature, administrators are able to quickly provide technical assistance to endpoints without the need to be physically present on-site.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows IT administrators to constantly monitor server, workstation, remote computers and applications.

Audit and Reporting

Audit endpoint’s resources and ensure that the user adheres to the recommended security setting. Additionally, reports are generated based on audit information and may be tailored to requirements.

Resource Monitoring

Retrieves endpoint’s resources usage data such as CPU, RAM, and hard disk usage and displays it via the LEP Dashboard to provide IT administrators with a quick and easy way to monitor and allocate resources.


With the helpdesk system, employees are able to quickly report any technical issues that are encountered. IT support staffs are then able to immediately resolve the issues to ensure that business operations are not disrupted.

Directory Services

Automatically syncs LEP with existing Active Directories ensure that relevant data from the AD is available to IT administrators via the LEP Dashboard.

Desktop Policy Management

Manage operating system security settings to ensure that the endpoint’s security is at optimum level and constantly protected against threats.

Software Deployment

Provide IT administrators with an automated approach to deployment of software for endpoints.

Process Monitoring and Control

With process monitoring and control, IT administrators are able to monitor and prevent any unwanted processes such as key loggers, ransomware and malware from being executed on the endpoints.

Data Leak Prevention

IT administrators are able to monitor printing activities and control file operations to prevent users from leaking out sensitive information.

Files Backup and Recovery

Perform periodic backup of data to ensure business continuity during downtime and any unwanted situations.

Behavior Monitoring & Control

Monitor and control the use of hardware, Wi-Fi, processes and computer software to ensure that endpoint users do not perform any dangerous actions.

Multi-level Admin Access Rights

Different admins of the system can be assigned to handle only the tasks that they are authorised to work on. This provides segregation of responsibilities to ensure that there is check and
balance to the powers available to administrators.


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Here are some of the benefits for using Linkdood LEP-DMS Suite…

Deployment is quick and easy.

The agent can be deployed via Windows Active Directory (AD) or the web

Robust system, yet with low requirements.

The agents does not require high computing resources and can be deployed even
to older generation computers.

Transparent to endpoint users.

The agent runs in the background, without compromising the efficiency of the
computer. The user will not even notice it.

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