May 31, 2016

Linkdood Secured USB





Tech Specs


Technical Specifications

Basic Specification
Product Type : Data security system
Capacity : 8GB, 16GB
Port Type : USB 2.0
Compatible Operating System : Win XP, Win 7/8/10
Technical Capability : Designed fully compliance to USB protocol.
Can be used as normal storage equipment, using the supplied management tool to create partitions, format, access protected data and other operations.
Able to define secure access policy.
Log storage using Append-only document system.
Physical details
Colour : Blue
Weight (g) : 75
Length (mm) : 50.50
Width (mm) : 20.50
Height (mm) : 7.70
Operating environment
Working temparature : -5 – 45 Celsius
Working humidity : 10 – 80 %
Storage temperature : -8 – 65 Celsius
Storage humidity : 8 – 95 %
Related Document
Brochure : Secured USB Brochure











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